Samyang 2x Spicy

Challenge accepted.. I use to eat samyang with extra cabe rawit anyway.. So no problemo..

So I tried it.. it’s spicier, but only spicy on the mouth area, no burning in your stomach like the feeling you get when you eat real chilli..



Masakan Mama 👌 & Snacks :)

Jadi setelah berbulan2 ngga makan masakan mama, pas balik rumah pasti makannya ngga dikontrol.

Yes I become an eating machine. I could eat 8 serving in 1 day. Seriously. Makan pagi 2 porsi. Makan siang 3 porsi. Makan malam 3 porsi.

It’s okay. You only live once. You’re still not overweight. You are healthy young woman. Oops 🙊🙊