Caffe Puccini, The Fort Strip, Manila

Waktu meet up sama Intan, we discover this place…

And to my surprise, I order my then favorite aglio olio pasta 🙂 Emang jodoh ngga kemana (loh??)

And one visit lead to another…


D’Primahotel Soekarno Hatta



Transit again…

Deket bandara, free transfer to/from hotel, wifi works well, water heater works well…

It was quite peaceful stay.


For breakfast: bread & your prefered coffee/tea. They will give us coupon to exchange in the cafe @ lobby.


Smelly scent will come up from the wastafel.. I found it’s not from the water.. I think it’s the pipeline/drain…

Siti Hotel – Tangerang


There we go again..

That’s when I have a good sleep @ Siti Hotel Tangerang…

They give customer free snacks, provide welcome drinks (I arrived around 9 or 10 PM, and the CS even suggest me to bring the drinks at my room). And last but not least, for that price, their breakfast is good.  🙂

No problem with wifi.

Masakan Mama 👌 & Snacks :)

Jadi setelah berbulan2 ngga makan masakan mama, pas balik rumah pasti makannya ngga dikontrol.

Yes I become an eating machine. I could eat 8 serving in 1 day. Seriously. Makan pagi 2 porsi. Makan siang 3 porsi. Makan malam 3 porsi.

It’s okay. You only live once. You’re still not overweight. You are healthy young woman. Oops 🙊🙊